My Bucket List

I decided to write a bucket list, which forced me to ask myself: What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Learn how to perfect the cat-eye: Check. Travel with my family to all seven continents: Check. Start a nonprofit: Check. Write a mommy blog… Wait, what?! Write a “mommy blog”?

A few years ago, I was slinging drinks in a club and dancing the night away. Now, writing a mommy blog has miraculously landed on my bucket list? But alas, here I am gearing up to share my experience of being a mommy with the world.

What do I intend to share? I consider this to be a conversation with anyone curious about parenting. I will share what it is like for a busy mom to carve out time for her bucket list. I will review products and point toward resources related to the parenting experience. I will share the knowledge I acquire when attempting to make decisions and tackle problems I face with parenting. I will share Mommy Hacks intended to make life easier. I will review parenting philosophies. I will share anecdotes from my life, my triumphs and my failures.

Join me on this journey of imperfection. I will be your unlikely narrator! We are all in this together. These are the adventures of… Wonder Mommy!



17917396_811925468972331_3930258583256867918_oJamie Parganos started the Wonder Mommy blog to create a community for moms to share their stories and support one another. She is also CEO and Founder of Mommy Hacks, a subscription box service designed to help you win at parenting. Before founding her companies, she worked as a program director in the New York City public school system. A mom who wears many hats, Jamie is also a professional singer. She lives in NYC with her partner and two children, ages 3 and 6 months.

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