Wonder Mommy’s Must Haves

Hey there, Wonder Mom. Below are some of my favorite products when it comes to raising my kids. Whether the item has saved me from a worry about baby’s safety in the car (#4 and #5), helped my infant breathe with ease (#2), or whether it’s a time honored classic like #8, I hope my personal list of must haves provides you with a new tool for parenting with zen!

1: BabyBjörn Bouncer

Lightweight, sturdy, portable—it’s no Wonder this lands on my list (see what I did there?). You can manually control how fast or how slow it rocks, since you use either your hand or foot to manipulate it. Plus, baby can rock herself with minimum movement.

2: Fridababy NoseFrida

Welcome to the world’s greatest snot sucker, more eloquently known as the NoseFrida. Using a tube with a filter attached to it, parents can gently suction all of baby’s mucus and boogers out with ease. We sure do love our kids, don’t we, Wonder Moms?? Never fear. This Swedish company fashioned a simple and smart design to make a nasal aspirator that is both effective and sanitary.

Someone needs a NoseFrida...
Someone needs a NoseFrida…

3: Melissa & Doug

I am obsessed with this toy company. Durable and built to last, most of their toys are made out of wood (their puzzles and play food, for instance, are beautiful). In addition, their puffy sticker activity books and reusable sticker pads are a godsend when I need to keep my child occupied without resorting to screen time.

4: Clek Foonf

This sturdy Swedish car seat has a hefty price tag but it ensures the utmost safety for your little one. The seat allows your child to rear-face until age 4 (or when they reach maximum weight or height parameters). It also doesn’t hurt that the Tokidokiprint is so darn cute.

5: The Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

This is one of the only car seats on the American market to feature the European belt path, a second location to secure the seatbelt. In addition, it is the only car seat to have the load leg, also featured in European models, which helps prevent movement in the event of a rear-impact crash.

6: The Road Coat

Wearing a coat while buckled into a car seat is considered unsafe by the experts.   But it’s super annoying to have to put the jacket on and then off and then on again. Definitely not a Mommy Hack moment. Have no fear—Road Coat to the rescue. It has an inner layer that unzips and allows you to buckle your child in without having to remove their coat.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

7: Miracle 360 Cup

This cup really is a miracle. Your little one can drink from it like a regular cup, but there is a circular rubber spout attached to the cap that prevents liquid from escaping. The added benefit is that your child  learns how to drink from a regular cup without compromising their teeth.

8: Desitin

Who ever thought the word “timeless” could be used to describe a thick white butt paste?! All moms know that this is the stuff to use. Just slab it on there generously and your baby’s rash is on a path to healing.

9: Sophie

This lil giraffe has become an icon for parent’s everywhere with teething babes. They can spend an hour gnawing away at her neck and pointy little ears. She’s also adorable. They even have books and a television show associated with her to bring some entertaining continuity to your child’s life as he ages.

10: The Boppy Pillow

Baby, Boppy Pillow
My little guy and his Boppy Pillow!

This multi-use item can be used for feeding (breastfeeding or formula) and as a prop for your child when he is learning to sit up. My 2-year-old even uses it sometimes to rest his head! I often find myself positioning my newborn’s head on it as a pillow for diaper changes. It is also useful for laying down at an incline when you want to play with baby and not upset his stomach.


Have you experienced one of these must haves? These are mine, but I’d like to hear about yours! Join me on Facebook and let me know what is keeping you sane and able to save the day.


17917396_811925468972331_3930258583256867918_oJamie Parganos started the Wonder Mommy blog to create a community for moms to share their stories and support one another. She is also CEO and Founder of Mommy Hacks, a subscription box service designed to help you win at parenting. Before founding her companies, she worked as a program director in the New York City public school system. A mom who wears many hats, Jamie is also a professional singer. She lives in NYC with her partner and two children, ages 3 and 6 months.

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