How to (Mom)Hack your Way Through It

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding, but demanding jobs on the planet. Outside of the day-to-day tasks that we need to do to keep another human alive, there’s also the “mental load” that keeps us working even longer after our kiddos have settled down for the night.


Being a working, single mom of a little boy who has enough energy to power Tokyo, it became important to me to maximize my time and mental energy so that I didn’t burn out or become overwhelmed.

Luckily, with the help of modern technology, I’ve been able to use some simple mom hacks to make my life a tad bit easier.

Mom Hack 1: Meal Prep for Dinner and Lunch.

My son isn’t much of a breakfast eater, so breakfast for us is typically quick and easy, usually something like boiled eggs or waffles with a bowl of fruit. However, dinner can become a chore, since I’m not a huge fan of cooking and usually not in the mood to cook after work anyway.

To make dinner easier, I started doing super simple meal preps and planning out dinners for the whole week on Sunday. I usually go grocery shopping Monday morning while my son is at school, since I enjoy walking through the store. But wonder of all wonders, you can now have groceries delivered to your door or use curbside pickup!


I cook all the ground beef, chicken or whatever protein for the week and essentially create DIY freezer meals. During the week, after work, I usually only have to warm up the meals or cook something as a side dish. I use the leftovers to pack for his school lunch the next day.

Mom Hack #2: Use Trello to Keep Track of My To-Do List


I love Trello. It’s a project management app that you can use for all sorts of things. I use it for everything, from keeping track of things to do in my business and work, to my to-do list for housecleaning, to my shopping list. One of the best things about the app is that it syncs to all your devices. Even if you’re not connected to the internet you can still add things to your Trello boards and next time you connect to wifi or internet, it automatically updates everything. You can also use it with other apps like Google Calendar to send you reminders for appointments and events.

Mom Hack #3: Have Things Automatically Delivered

Amazon is a mom’s best friend, especially Amazon Dash buttons. Basically, you can reorder things you commonly use around the house, like dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper AND have it delivered to your door hassle-free!


This has been a lifesaver for me, since I’m prone to forget to buy things until I suddenly run out. And there’s nothing worse than trying to drag a toddler out the door last minute for toilet paper. When he was younger and in diapers and pull-ups, I was also subscribed to the Honest Company’s diaper service which delivered (cute) diapers and wipes to my door every 2 months. As he grew, I updated his size online.

Motherhood is a 24/7 job and it’s the little tricks that ultimately help me keep my sanity. Although motherhood can sometimes be quite chaotic, it’s important for WonderMoms to remember it’s okay to make things easier and/or convenient for themselves and there’s no guilt in taking some shortcuts!

17621945_10154279785276976_4758573983112345160_o.jpgLaneic Lavalle is a self-care and wellness coach for busy mommas and blogger at After spending her first year trying to be and do everything under the sun, she took a step back and started making self-care a priority and building a life she enjoys for her and her son. Laneic is dedicated to helping mothers take control of their lives and stop living on autopilot by reconnecting with themselves, building wealth and pursuing their goals fearlessly.


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